Familie van Fonk

Familie van Fonk is an agency that creates products for children and everyone around them. They want to make the world they grow up in to be a better place, so they are doing their best to make it so.

I was lucky enough to work with them for a while and got the oppertunity to turn the concept style created by Frederique Matti into full on designs for their website & identity.

Because we (like every other agency) didn’t have much time to spend on our own website, we decided to create a ‘light’ version to get us started and scrum our way from there. We decided to invest our time in what mattered: the project, foregoing the ‘about’, ‘project’ and ‘services’ pages for the time being. Everyone one of the projects got their own custom designed page, with their own graphics created just for them. So that these projects would get the same love and attention on the website as they got when we created them.

Homepage different screensizes
Case page
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Familie van Fonk Identity


Brand Concept

Frederique Matti

Building Magic & UX

Stephanie Buijs