Kleine Stapjes

Small Steps is an Early Intervention program that was brought to the Netherlands and translated in the 70s. Although scientifically sound, the program was quite overwhelming to parents, because of it’s sheer size and formality.

It was quite a challenge to create an app that would be a joy to use while also providing the (quite extensive) information that training with a child with Down Syndrome requires. Through deliberate color usage, positive feedback, cheerful icons & spot illustrations the app had a delightfullness that the original folder lacked.

Another challenge was finding a way to help these families with practicing skills every day. Since daily practice is extremely important for these children (in order to learn and grow) they needed a way to structure what specific things they are working on. We learned that every family had a different approach to this, some were more strict while others were more loose. So we create a pin board where they could organise everything based on their own preferences. We even gave them the option to add stickers for reminders that could be used to indicate what they needed, from the day of the week, to the person who was going to help practice that skill.

I’m quite happy to say that the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m so happy and proud that I got to work on this app.

iPad app dashboard screens

“She’s improving with leaps and bounds since we started using the app!”

- User response after launch
Icons detail Domains Steps
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